Asan brings added value to breeders – its extraordinary ability to absorb odours and moisture extends the interval between litter changes, saving time and money. Try it out for yourself. With Asan Pet, you will not need to clean the cage for at least 7 days since the litter will be odour-free and dry. No other pet litter has these properties.

Although there are litter products on the market that look like Asan, they are just a non-functional imitation. They are usually made of paper and their effectiveness is similar to shavings – after 2 to 3 days, it is necessary to change them since the smell from the cage will be the first and unpleasant sensation when entering the room where the animals are kept. Asan is made from pulp along with other raw materials using a patented technology that gives it the unparalleled absorption capacity. It is best to test it yourself and you will be surprised by the result. Asan will definitely not disappoint you.

The use of colloidal silver is an innovative way of building on the long and proven use of this substance in a number of cosmetic and medical products for humans. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that accelerate healing – that is why silver fibres are added to bandages, underwear, socks and stockings. US NASA uses silver to maintain the quality of water for astronauts. Japan uses silver atomizers for air cleaning. Most airlines use silver filters, too. Recently, new odourless T-shirts have been made with silver fibres. This new fabric, in which even a heavily sweating person stays fresh, is interwoven with microfibres of pure silver. Colloidal silver is also used in healthcare, especially in the topical treatment of burns, wounds and bites. It helps in the treatment of fungal infections of the skin or nails.

Asan CZ is the first manufacturer to use colloidal silver in the production of pet litter. The safety of its use is guaranteed by the certificate of the Czech Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines.

Aloe Vera is considered the queen of medicinal plants. It has been a popular herb in medicine and home medicine for thousands of years and is a component of many cosmetic products. Aloe gel extract is especially suitable for the healing of minor wounds and abrasions. When applied, it creates a moisturizing film on the wound surface, has anti-inflammatory effects, promotes the growth of fibroblasts and the restoration and cross-linking of collagen and increases tissue strength. It also accelerates the granulation of new skin, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and thus leads to a faster restoration of vascular supply. In overall, the wound closes faster, is cleaner and with healthy granulating skin. Aloe extract is therefore great for blisters and skin injuries on the paws and between the toes of pet rodents.

At ASAN, we only a certified organic-quality Aloe extract.

ASAN is safe for all members of your household – both for your animals and for those who care for them, including children. ASAN has been proven not to create an environment in which bacteria and moulds multiply, does not irritate the conjunctivae, does not release airborne allergens and is therefore suitable for person with an allergy and asthma. ASAN pet litter is safe and can be stored along with foods. ASAN is harmless even if accidentally ingested – it breaks down without trace in the animal's digestive tract.

ASAN is 3x environmentally friendly: it is produced by recycling secondary raw material, its production takes place completely free of water, and there is no need to cut down a single tree or extract natural resources to obtain raw material for its production.

In 2014 and 2015, we also modernized our production line and reduced the energy consumption of production.

For the reasons mentioned above and for the comfort it brings to their animals.

Asan is very pleasant and soft to the touch, which is important considering that in the case of rodents, these animals spend practically their entire lives on litter. ASAN insulates the cold from the floor and maintains optimal thermoregulation. It does not release dust and airborne allergens. The cosiness of ASAN litter contributes to the overall well-being and welfare of the animals and to bigger and more viable offspring.

As a manufacturer, we 100% guarantee that no dyes or fragrances are added to the litter during production. ASAN's philosophy is to give a second life to by-products from other industries and to transform them into a functional, beneficial pet litter. For example, we process raw materials from the production of toiletries, and if the input material is coloured or perfumed, this is also reflected in the litter. Therefore, the answer is yes, in some cases it may be.

Long-haired cats take out just about any litter on their fur, so this is hard to prevent. Materials such as bentonite or silicate are heavier and do not stick to the fur as much as lighter materials, but this comes at the cost of other, unpleasant properties. If it gets trampled into the carpet, ASAN is easily vacuumed up, unlike bentonite which creates a hard-to-remove grey oily mass. ASAN granules will not scratch your floors unlike sharp silicate granules. Households with short-haired cats are then not often concerned about the issue of litter being taken out on the fur of their pets.

Yes, ASAN has proven itself to exotic bird breeders, as well as to breeders of some terrarium animals, but also for the breeding of African hedgehogs, for example. For exotic animals, we recommend ASAN PET SILVER with colloidal silver for its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, helping to prevent common diseases in the breeding of parrots and exotic birds in general.

ASAN PET PURE is a litter with a reinforced odour lock for pets with extremely demanding hygiene care and for pets characterized by specific odours, such as hedgehogs or ferrets. This reinforced odour lock will also do its job in eliminating odours around the cat's litter box. ASAN PET PURE can therefore also be successfully used for cats. However, ASAN CAT PURE litter is specifically adapted for cats and kittens and, thanks to its softness and exceptional absorbency, it can also hold a larger amount of urine than usual for cats. For universal use, you can also choose ASAN FRESH BLUE.

Yes, and it's even a very good choice. ASAN CAT PURE litter is extremely soft and highly absorbent, does not contain dust or airborne allergens and is hygienically clean and safe even for sensitive cats after neutering or other procedures or for sick or elderly cats. It is equally suitable for kittens – thanks to its softness, gentleness and (attractive for playful kittens) structure motivating them to use the toilet. ASAN pet litters are also safe if ingested – they are natural and digestible just like cellulose.

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