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About us 

ASAN producer of ecological litter

Asan produces ecological litter for small animals in households. Our production programme includes processing secondary raw material with impact on the environment into an environmentally-friendly product with extraordinary positive features.“

Asan is useful in households with cats, ferrets, pedigree rodents such as guinea pigs, brown rats or dwarf rabbits and in breeding exotic birds and some species of terrarium animals.

Asan is used by breeders who only have one pet at home up to large-scale breeders exporting pedigree rodents to Northern European markets.

The production plant is located in Mirotice near Písek, on the connecting line between Prague and České Budějovice. This location is strategic for distribution both to customers on the Czech market and export.


„We at Asan believe in a lifestyle connected with nature. It combines ecological thinking, passion for everything live and enthusiasm for all we believe in: preserving natural values for our children and the following generations. This philosophy shows in our work and in our products as well as in our hobbies and the way we spend our leisure time. Each member of our team is a breeder.

Having an animal friend is an affair of the heart. Asan makes life together with pets pleasant and enriching.

We build interest in nature and breeding in our children. We cooperate with educational, breeding and partially ecological organizations that promote these values.

We make breeding of animals easier for asthmatics, allergic people and seniors.

We work according to the principles of sustainable development: we do not extract materials, do not cut trees down, do not use water for production and the used production facilities have low energy consumption. The low weight of the litter economizes the weight of parcels and thus we contribute to the decrease in the fuel consumption during transportation. Packaging materials are easily biodegradable.

Ecological dimension: Asan is made by recycling secondary material and it is 100 % biodegradable after use.

Safety and health contribution to people and animals: Asan is harmless, without dust and perfumes, limits the growth of bacteria and moulds, does not contain pathogens causing allergies. It is safe not only for the animals, but also for all the members of the family.

We bring comfortable and simple use with the aim to provide breeders with time spent with their pets, not by cleaning.“



foundation of the Company


official commencement of the production, introduction of Asan to customers on the Czech market at the occasion of the Propet Brno Fair


Asan premiere at a world exhibition of cats in Bratislava


Asan certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


Asan introduced at the Interzoo Fair in Nuremberg, initiation of export


Asan certified by TÜV


Asan becomes a finalist in the competition „Price of Health and Safe Environment 2011“


After the fair Interzoo in Nuremberg we´ve been expanding our exports, now we export to 16 countries of the world


Asan is certified Czech product


innovation in our product line - Asan Petit for small rodents, Asan Pet Silver using colloidal silver and Asan Pet Aloe for rodents and rabbits. For cats and ferrets Asan Cat Pure and Fresh Blue with more effective odor neutralization


investment in upgrading of production line and increase capacity of production volume


implementation of the project "Energy savings"

2018 reconstruction of Asan buildings and production halls  was completed
2020 Asan becomes a part of portfolio brands of Tommi CZ s.r.o.

Where to find us?

Asan - CZ s.r.o.
Stroupežnického 2
398 01 Mirotice