Asan brand

is premium ecological cellulose pet litter with extraordinary absorption properties, produced according to its own patent from 100% recycled materials in an environmentally friendly way.

ASAN is the flagship of our company. It transforms a secondary raw material, which poses an ecological burden, into a useful product with exceptional utility properties that can be disposed of after consumption by flushing down the drain or composting.

ASAN is non-clumping organic litter for rabbits, short-haired cats, ferrets, chinchillas and small rodents that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding pets. It is exceptional for its up to four and a half times moisture absorption, perfectly absorbs any unpleasant odours and its fine texture and soft surface are extremely gentle to the delicate paws of pets. Thanks to low consumption and extended useful life, it also saves your money.

ASAN is used not only in households with cats, ferrets, pet rodents or dwarf rabbits, but also in the breeding of exotic birds and some types of terrarium animals. ASAN is a favourite product among both individual breeders and pet breeding farms.



Having an animal companion is a matter of the heart and living with animals is an enriching experience providing unforgettable moments and unrepeatable feelings. But along with emotions must come responsibility and dedicated care, which becomes easier and even more enjoyable with ASAN pet litter. We also promote responsibility and interest in nature among children. We cooperate with educational, breeding and environmental organizations that promote these values.



ASAN pet litter is made of fine cellulose processed into rounded granules that are comfortable and safe for the delicate paws of animals. The extraordinary absorbency of ASAN pet litter keeps the surface of the litter dry, thus reducing the formation and proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.

ASAN is dust-free and does not contain airborne allergens, making it safe for people and pets with allergy or asthma. It is safe even if ingested, since it is digestible just like cellulose. The pet litter is not dyed or perfumed. With the soft comfort and safety of their bedding, pets feel totally relaxed in their ASAN litter.



The ASAN production facility is TÜV ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

ASAN pet litter products are appreciated by customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Our products have also been successful on the Czech market since 2013 – carrying the "Czech Product" label. In 2021, ASAN won the “Brand of the Year” golden award of the UK World Branding Awards in the household hygiene category. In the same year, the ASAN PET SILVER pet litter received the "Czech Product of the Year" silver award.

In the consumer satisfaction rating of the Heuré portal, ASAN pet litters have been consistently ranked in the top two positions in the rodent litter section in recent years, with many times more positive ratings than competing products.

WBA 2021-22
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Czech product
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