What to feed a rabbit?

A varied diet is the basis for a varied life. We would all like to give our bunny that - but how to achieve it? How do you navigate the amount of food? And what to watch out for? Read on to find out everything!

Hay – the absolute basis of a rabbit's diet
Hay helps the digestive system to run like clockwork, contains plenty of fibre and is also suitable for rabbit teeth.
How do we know which hay is suitable?
It must be dry, dust-free, green and fragrant.
The biggest gourmets are served hay right from the first hay sowing. But such a delicacy is only available in May and June. For the rest of the year we store hay in a dark and dry place.
Be very careful about humidity - it creates an ideal environment for mould and other life forms that not only does no one want, but can cause nasty health problems. Purchased hay can also be problematic in this respect. If you do not smell only the pleasant scent of hay, do not give it to your rabbit.

As far as drinks are concerned, rabbits are not demanding - plain water is enough for them. But make sure your rabbit has a clean water bowl and fresh, room temperature water every day.

Granulated feed
Granulated feed produced by extrusion is a modern type of complete feed for rabbits. It contains everything the animal needs in the most digestible form. The right feed should contain high amounts of fibre and protein.
Conversely, it must not contain animal meal, powdered milk or too much vitamin D3 - this can harm the rabbit.
Beware of cheap fattening pellets - they contain antibiotics against coccidiosis, which in combination with other diets may in turn promote coccidiosis. In addition, they cause rabbits to become fat.
For example, try Berkel Futter for rabbits, which contains only the highest quality ingredients.

Mixtures of grains
The most affordable feed on the market is a mixture of grains. The blends are available in different qualities, which are determined by the grains contained. Leave the choice up to the rabbit's taste.
We recommend you to try Sonnenland feeds.

No matter how hard we try, it is not always possible to give our furry friend his natural diet and we need to replace it with something. Vegetables are the most ideal candidate - they provide your rabbit with the necessary minerals, vitamins and fibre.
How best to serve vegetables, you ask? How about a tossed salad?
The daily dose is about two handfuls and there are no limits to the imagination. For example, carrots, fennel, celery, broccoli, lettuce are great. However, beware of vegetables that can cause fermentation and bloating in the stomach - for example, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc.

Rabbits are foodies and they love herbs. However, if your rabbit has reached an older age, limit the herbs a little - they can help to cause kidney or bladder stones.

Just like humans, rabbits have their little sins and like to eat something sweet. However, nothing should be overdone and fruit should be dosed with sensitivity, rather as a treat. Don't forget to remove the large kernels.

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