What should a proper guinea pig house look like?

Home is probably the most important place in the world for each of us. Your guinea pig feels the same way. The basis of a guinea pig's home is a spacious, sufficiently strong cage and a house where the guinea pig can hide.

It's no mean feat to make a house the comfortable home and sanctuary your guinea pig needs.

We all need a comfortable and spacious place to live - guinea pigs are no different. The most important thing is a large spacious cage made of durable material. The house itself should be just right – big enough, but not too big so the guinea pigs can feel cosy in.
Suitable cages and houses can be found, for example, in the Tommiland pet shop.

Guinea pigs in the wild like to hide underground for comfort and privacy. Therefore, no guinea pig house should lack a roof. Even guinea pigs need a little privacy sometimes. Make sure the roof is strong and secure enough in case your guinea pig climbs on it.

Building a bottom is not entirely necessary. In this case, the guinea pig is happy to become its own builder and put its paws to work. Leave it up to the guinea pig as it knows best what is important to its comfort and it will supply the best floor coverings for its bed himself.

The ideal material is wood. And if not wood, look for some other natural material - after all, these belong to animals. Moreover, guinea pigs like to nibble on anything and wood, unlike plastic, will not harm them if they accidentally swallow it.

A house for your pets must be just great! If you have a DIY spirit, let it run wild and make the house yourself. You know your guinea pig best. I'm sure you can guess what it would write on the door of the house. So don't hesitate and write (or send us a photo in the comment section directly below the article).

A hanging hammock also provides a comfortable haven with plenty of privacy for your guinea pig. The guinea pigs like to crawl under it like in a house.

Grass nests
If for any reason you decide not to build a house on your own, get your guinea pig a ready-made grass nest, which serves not only as a full-fledged comfortable shelter, but also as a climbing frame.

Check out the wide range of grass nests on Tommiland.

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