How to prepare for getting a cat?

A cat is one of the most frequently acquired pets in the Czech Republic - three out of ten people in our country already have a cat or want to get one. Not surprisingly, a cat is time-saving, self-sufficient and sleeps up to 60% of the day, so it does not suffer if its owner is at work, school or elsewhere for part of the day.

Don't forget though, that getting a cat is a big commitment - they live to be 15, 20 or even 25 years old, so you need to think carefully and responsibly about whether you are prepared enough to care for a cat.

A few simple questions can help you decide:

Questions to ask yourself before you get a cat

Can we accept that a cat is an animal that doesn't listen to a word? A cat has a personality and although it is affectionate and cuddly, it will not be ordered around.

Who and how will take care of it, for example, during a holiday? A cat is a living being that depends on you and needs to be cared for at all times - make sure you have someone in your neighbourhood who is really willing to provide the essentials in your absence.

Don't we already have an animal that could harm the cat and vice versa? Is anyone in our family allergic? In these cases, acquiring a cat would be an ordeal for both parties.

Will we be willing to take care of the cat if it gets sick? Pay for veterinary care expenses? The rule is that all partners stick together through thick and thin. So think about whether you have enough time and money to take care of your cat in case of health complications.

Are we able and willing to partially adapt our interior to the presence of a cat? Scratching posts, resting places, window nets and many other things will serve you well to create conditions for coexistence. But the investment and acquisition of these things will be up to you. Check out the scratching posts and houses you can get for your cat.

Do I have the time, patience and desire to raise an animal? Although the cat is time-saving and in many ways self-sufficient, it also needs our care, love and patience.

Have you decided to get a cat? Get ready!

Consider carefully what breed you get. There are many breeds of cats and each has its pros and cons. Persian cats are demanding in terms of coat maintenance, Maine Coon cats, which have recently become increasingly popular, can weigh around ten kilograms as adults, Siamese cats are a bit more talkative…

We should also decide in advance whether to get a male or female cat. An adult cat marks its territory with urine and these "marks" are felt very intensely. If you are willing to live with a marking cat, this may not be true of your neighbours.
A cat reaches maturity at about 10 months, when the first estrus cycle appears. During this period, the cat is very vocal, restless, does not accept food, and since it does not find a "partner" in the apartment, it is tormented and the heat exhausts it unnecessarily.

If you do not plan to get a cat or a cat for further breeding, but as a pet, it is advisable to have them neutered.

If we only want to have a cat in the apartment, we should get one that was born and lived in the apartment. Once the cat has gotten to know the enclosure, it will demand it constantly.

Another option is to adopt a cat that has had a bad experience on the outside or is handicapped. For such cats, a full bowl and a bed at home are far more important than the opportunity to go out and it is often the most loyal companion.

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