Do you feel like you're in a pigsty at home with your new pet?

Santa Claus fulfilled the greatest wish and your child got a dream guinea pig or rabbit under the tree. It's a few days after Christmas and you're increasingly feeling the presence of the new family member ... Actually, it would be appropriate to use „feeling“ it increasingly and you're starting to feel like you're in a pigsty.

Not only the smell coming from the pet's cage, but also the dust and shavings all around the cage spoil the initial enthusiasm of having the pet and the post-Christmas atmosphere. Changing shavings or sawdust every other day doesn't help either and you are slowly starting to regret your choice of pet or even already thinking how to get rid of the pet quickly, especially if your child doesn't even want to help with the work of cleaning the cage. But there is no need to be gloomy.
Having a pet at home does not necessarily mean getting used to the smell and cleaning around the cage daily. Just change the bedding. Nowadays, we no longer depend on the use of shavings and sawdust, which can be dangerous for animals. Even wood pellets or corn bedding will not completely solve your problem. Both absorb odour a little better, but the pellets will crumble and pulverise after a short time, the corn bedding doesn't cope well with humidity and, moreover, moulds thrive in it. Neither provides sufficient comfort for the animals. Choose bedding without compromise – Asan.  This will guarantee maximum comfort and convenience for you and your pets.

Asan is 99.9% dust-free, perfectly absorbs moisture and odours. It is soft and pleasant to the touch for the animals. This is especially important for guinea pigs, rats, hamsters or rabbits, who spend their entire lives on the bedding and are in constant contact with it.

When buying and using this litter, you will appreciate its incredible lightness. This makes it easier to get children to care for your pet. Disposal of used litter is particularly easy, just flush it down the toilet or dispose of it in organic or municipal waste. You don't have to hurry to change the bedding, it will remain fully functional for at least a week, so no stink will bother you and you can feel at home again. Pets can then lie down in a soft and warm bed. You can buy Asan in any good pet shop or e-shop. For „pocket“ sized pets (e.g. hamsters), Asan Petit is suitable, which has a smaller pellet size. For larger pets, get Asan Pet Aloe or Asan Pet Silver with the disinfectant effect of colloidal silver.

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