ASAN Brand of the Year in the World Branding Awards 2021-22

The Czech Republic is a traditional breeders' paradise and a mecca for the pet business. The pandemic situation, which has thrown people into isolation and increased interest in pet breeding, has brought an unexpected global boom to the pet business. This year's World Branding Awards prove that Czech brands are keeping up with the world and must be reckoned with.

The ASAN brand has been awarded the gold trophy of the national brand of the year 2021-22 in the prestigious international competition WORLD BRANDING AWARDS (WBA). The 13th annual competition, including the announcement of the results, was held online for the first time ever due to the pandemic situation. Over 115,000 voters from 41 countries on 6 continents voted in the competition.

WBA Animalis Edition
This year, for the third time, awards were presented in a special competition dedicated to brands in the pet business, Animalis Edition, where ASAN won the top award - the golden trophy Brand of the Year 2021-22. The ANIMALIS edition is, in the words of Danny Pek, the Forum's Executive Director, "extremely competitive" in the competition. The number of competing brands is also extreme. The brand evaluation consists of 30% brand equity, 40% input from marketing research results and 30% input from online consumer voting. According to Grigory Titarenko, Managing Director of Tommi CZ, this is the most important thing about the award: "Only customer feedback gives meaning to our actions, we are co-responsible for the well-being, safety and cleanliness of homes with animals, but also for a sustainable future," he says.

What criteria must the winning brands meet?
The common denominator of the award-winning brands is no longer just exceptional quality and consumer value, but responsibility for sustainability - in business and in relationships. "It's simple: be fair and be better than others. Offer a really good product," says the managing director of Tommi CZ, the manufacturer of the ASAN gold brand, describing the key to success. WBF Executive Director Danny Pek sees it similarly: „Winning brands offer by default what the others want to approach when they are at the top of what they are capable.“

World Branding Forum
The WBF is a global non-profit organization of professionals in the fields of branding and brand marketing: manufacturing, marketing communications, design, PR and advertising. The Forum collaborates with the Harvard Science Society and the Oxford Union Society on programmes of marketing research, development, education, networking and brand evaluation on a global scale. Its aim is to raise the standards guaranteed by brands, develop brands and promote branding as a clear identifier of product quality and identity, ensure comparable setting of brand evaluation parameters on a global scale and promote and protect quality brands with an emphasis on long-term potential and sustainability.

The Forum is the organiser of the prestigious brand evaluation and World Branding Awards and a major supporter of branding awareness activities, brand research, marketing education and networking in Europe and worldwide.

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